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It wasn’t the FourSeasons, it was the real Bali

4 April 2008
‘I’d like to recommend a spa in Ubud, Bali called Sang Spa to LonelyPlanet. Since Balinese massages are so affordable in Ubud ($7-9 US), igot one every day for 10 days…ok, the last day i got 4. Unlike inthe US where different states have requirements for education andexperience for massage therapists…you can run into various levels of skill. Ngurah and Asti at Sang Spa were super well-qualified withextensive experience, it was very professional. I met Ngurah during ayoga class at the Yoga Barn and we started going to his spa afterthat. His English is great too and he describes giving every massagefrom his heart…otherwise he won’t give a massage. He’d rather be’present’ with you or have you re-schedule. It wasn’t the FourSeasons, it was the real Bali, a few streets away from the main towncenter and about 5 minutes walk off the beaten track. I highlyrecommend this spa to everyone. ”
Michael, Seattle, Washington, USA

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