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5 star massage from heart in Balinese hut. Don’t exect 5 star bldg for $8 /hour

Sang Spa is a place to feel the positive heart-generated energy of the Sang employees during your massage. I need to take exception to some of the negative comments on this blog. These massages are about $8/hour because the spa is in a small building and neighborhood representative of how a Balinese might live; if you live in Suburbia and drive an SUV at home in the western world and appreciate a 5 Star Spa sterile facility go to the Four Seasons for $85/hour. If you want the same massage as the 4 Seasons for 1/10th the price, i.e. one of the reasons you're probably going to Ubud, go to Sang. Over 2 weeks i received massages from many of the therapists. Unlike other spas in Ubud, Ngurah has trained all therapists to give a standardized massage that has been passed down through the generations in his family from their hearts. The massages i got in August 2009 were the same style i received when Sang Spa was new in May 2008 from Ngurah and Asti back when they were the only ones giving massages. Thanks to Trip Advisor, they now have 8-11 therapists but the beauty is that they're passing on Ngurah's same traditional massage, it's coming from the heart because Ngurah treats them well, probably better than the ones at 4 Seasons (e.g. at Sang they're allowed to keep their tips…not so at all Ubud spas), and each therapist adds their own unique touch. Sorry guys, but I got my first manicure and pedicure of my life from Asti and Sri and loved it. Sang is run by Ngurah and Asti, their cousins and friends, it's one big family. Yes, it can seem busy in the lobby because they don't feel good about turning people away. Consider meeting people from around the world, for 2 hours in the tight lobby getting my mani/pedi i met folks from Lausane, Amsterdam, Paris, Singapore, Johannesburg, Austin, and Bordeaux. Give them the year they need to build the new bigger spa. In the meantime, pretend you're at the United Nations and smile.

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