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Looking for a nice, reasonably priced spa with high quality treatments in Ubud?

I pretty much did every single treatment they have at SanG spa, and I loved every single one of them!
First of all, everyone who works there is genuinely friendly, nice and helpful, and they try to make you feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible.
Then, the massages are just a dream, the body scrub makes you feel 5 years younger, and the cream hair bath makes your hair incredibly shoft and shiny…I love it.
The spa itself is small, but nice and clean, a true oasis. You may see hundreds of spas in Ubud while you're there, but watch out – most treatments offered (apart from the massages, they're pretty good everywhere) aren't performed by specialists, especially manicures and pedicures are hardly ever done well (except at SanG spa, that is). Some places are not too clean, either, and I got the impression that some of the therapist have not really been doing their job for too long…so if you want to be safe, choose SanG spa!

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