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the most wonderful spa in bali

i didn't really know what to expect as i only read online reviews of the spa…but i was pleasantly surprised when i arrived there with 3 friends…
the spa looked really spartan..i had the body massage+mask+scrub treatment for 150, 000 rp (2h 15 mins) and it was worth every single cent. they massaged us in a room equipped with a shower, two beds, and a tub…
but that's not really the main reason for you to check out the spa. personally, i feel better knowing that i am spending money at an enterprise with a social conscience, and that's what you get at sang spa. i was really intrigued when my masseuse Ayu told me that they loved their boss, Mbak Asti. I then decided to chat with the latter, and found out that she and her husband set up the spa hoping to provide employment for economically-challenged balinese women. they began by handing out pamphlets along the street and slowly expanded from one masseuse, to a team of 8 (or 15?).
Mbak Asti knows that her employees have families to tend to, and is apparently very flexible with her workers (they said so themselves). in fact, when they were first hired, they were mostly village girls and Mbak Asti took them in and taught them personal grooming skills in order to increase their sense of confidence, and to encourage them to have pride in their job. they also often begin their day at work by tying each other's hair and having some bonding time. her staff members clearly adore her and she insisted repeatedly that there was no hierarchy at sang spa. I myself saw her massaging and giving hair treatments to customers along with other staff members.
She is adamant that the spa should not provide "+++ services" (if you know what i mean), and will not hesitate to deny any customer that demands it. Mbak Asti has taught me a lot about what it means to be a good human being, and that on top of everything else, is what endears me to this place.
but of course it is still a spa, and i have to say that the ladies were amazing. everything was very discreet and professional and having been to the spas at sanur and seminyak, i have to reiterate that nothing can quite challenge sang spa.
if you come with a party of 2 or more, you may be picked up at your hotel by Fahmy in his vintage convertible VW (A gem in itself)..
tipping is not expected…but life is hard for common balinese, so you may do so if you wish.
i am not the sort to type reviews anywhere. i usually can't be bothered to do so no matter how amazing the place is. but i really feel compelled to do so this time round so you can imagine how impressed i really was. if you want some swanky spa this is not the place for you. but if you want to feel assured that you are spending your money for a good cause, then you have found the right place.

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