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Seven Chakra Chrystal Healing

Seven Chakra Chrystal healing  (1 H) Rp 700,000 (USD54,-)

is a holistic healing by placing Chrystal stone in every chakra points. Each Chakra point has different color meaning different energy is apply. It is administered by a Healer who has a special "Given Talent", channels healing energy through the palms of his hands by focusing on the seven main chakra points of the body, to ultimately release stress and emotional tension, clear the mind and induce a sense of harmony, tranquility and freedom.

It is started by applying Acupressure technique on each of meridian points of the body . The sensation of heat is often taken as an indication of universe energy flow. However  a wide range of sensation may be felt by both the healer and the recipient. Among other things ,a tingling , coolness , warmth , or the sensation of colors may be experienced. Sometimes recipients of therapy will experience what practitioners call a cleansing crisis. They may feel nauseous, dizzy, weak, or headache, these symptoms are result of the body getting rid of toxin and realigning itself to the flow of universe energy . Seven Chakra Crystal Healing leaves you with a radiant sensation that flow through and around you.



七脉轮水晶治疗(1) Rp 700,000 (USD 54,-)




* Treatment Service Price is Not Include 12.5 % Government Tax Charge

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