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Intuitive Flow Massage – Price


Ngurah Sudarma is the founder & owner of Bali's top low-cost luxury day spa, Sang Spa. The brand launched in 2008 and has quickly spread to three branches: three locations are in UbudNgurah is renowned as a top-spa entrepreneur, gifted healer, massage therapist, and therapist-trainer.

For nearly a decade, Ngurah has been stretching, kneading, squeezing, and soothing clients. He specializes in using a combination of Japanese, Javanese, Indian, Thai, Swedish, and Balinese massage to create rapid transformation in the body and energy body.

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Intuitive Flow Massage by Ngurah Sudarma (Sang Spa Founder)

One hour session (1 H)Rp 650,000 (USD 50,-)

One hour thirty minutes session (1.5 H)Rp 900,000 (USD 69,-)

With Body Scrub or Body Mask, total 2 hours Rp 1,050,000 (USD 81,-)

The power of simple touch, base on Traditional Balinese massage to improve your sense of wellbeing and reduces stress is well known. Beyond that the skilled touch of trained and experienced massage therapist can help you connect to the deeper levels of your self, quietening your busy mind and helping you to relax. With physical benefits such as pain relief, improved circulation of blood and lymph fluids, improved immune response and relief from anxiety and depression.

Intuitive Flow Massage is a fusion of combining light and deep tissue work in muscles and around joints with energy work along meridians. This is done in a flowing, intuitive fashion, and aims to leave the receiver relaxed and reinvigorated.

Reservation two days in advance recomended

Step 1. Interview and preparation

Step 2. Wash your feet (by spa therapist with care) or your body if you wish to.

Step 3. Starting massage with warming your body

Step 4. Main session, full body massage (flow intuition moving)

Step 5. Shower your body with sacred water

Step 6. Herbal yoga drinks and fruit salads

Step 7. Payment

Step 9. Please come back again


What is sacred water?

sacred watersare characterized by tangible topographical land formations such as rivers,lakes, springs, and oceans. These organic bodies of water have attained blessing, but were sanctified through mythological or historical figures. Sacred waters have been exploited for cleansings and healings.

We took sacred water from :

  1. Campuan river Ubud8th century legend tells of a Javanese priest, Rsi Markendya, who meditated at the confluence of two rivers (an auspicious site for Hindus) at the Ubud locality of Campuan. Here he founded the Gunung Lebah Temple on the valley floor, the site of which remains a pilgrim destination. The town was originally important as a source of medicinal herbs and plants; Ubud gets its name from the Balinese word ubad (medicine).
  2. Sacred water Tirta Empul is a holy spring water temple located in Tampak Siring Village. the Tirta Empul is named by the Tirta Ri Air Hampul and then the name has changed into Tirta Hampul and finally become the Tirta EmpulTirta Ri air hampul is meaning the water emerge or the holy pool (Petirthan) which is the water emerge from the land.
  3. Some places in around Bali.


* Treatment Service Price is Not Include 12.5 % Government Tax Charge


Seven Chakra Chrystal Healing  (1 H) Rp 700,000 (USD 56,-)

is a holistic healing by placing Chrystal stone in every chakra points. Each Chakra point has different color meaning different energy is apply. It is administered by a Healer who has a special "Given Talent", channels healing energy through the palms of his hands by focusing on the seven main chakra points of the body, to ultimately release stress and emotional tension, clear the mind and induce a sense of harmony, tranquility and freedom.

It is started by applying Acupressure technique on each of meridian points of the body . The sensation of heat is often taken as an indication of universe energy flow. However  a wide range of sensation may be felt by both the healer and the recipient. Among other things ,a tingling , coolness , warmth , or the sensation of colors may be experienced. Sometimes recipients of therapy will experience what practitioners call a cleansing crisis. They may feel nauseous, dizzy, weak, or headache, these symptoms are result of the body getting rid of toxin and realigning itself to the flow of universe energy . Seven Chakra Crystal Healing leaves you with a radiant sensation that flow through and around you.



Ngurah Sudarma 是桑水疗,即巴厘岛的顶级廉价豪华日间水疗中心创办人和业主。该品牌于2008年推出,并迅速的发展至四家分行:三家坐落在乌布,一家在库塔。Ngurah是著名的顶级水疗企业家,妙手神医,按摩治疗师与治疗师培训员。




Ngurah Sudarma(桑水疗中心创办人)的直觉循环流按摩

一小时时段(1)Rp 650,000 (USD 52,-)

一小时三十分钟时段(1.5 )Rp 900,000 (USD 72,-)

配以全身磨砂或体膜,共2Rp 1,050,000 (USD 84,-) 简单触摸的力量,是基于众所周知能增进健康与减轻压力的传统巴厘岛式按摩。除此之外,经过训练熟练的技巧与经验丰富的按摩治疗师能帮助您连接深层的自己,抚慰您忙碌的思绪并协助您放松。具有多种强身益体的功效,如舒缓疼痛,改善淋巴液与血液的循环,增进免疫反应与舒缓焦虑和抑郁。













sacred waters are characterized by tangible topographical land formations such as rivers,lakes, springs, and oceans. 这些水中的有机物体是经过历史或神话中成圣的人物所加持的。圣水的提取是为了洁净与治疗之用。


1.      乌布的Campuan河。8世纪的传说讲述着一位爪哇祭司,Rsi Markendya,就是在Campuan的乌布地区的

两江汇合处坐禅(印度教徒的吉祥地)。他就在这里的谷底建立了Gunung Lebah寺,在该地保留了一位


2.      Tirta Empul圣水取自坐落于Tampak Siring村的神圣温泉水寺。Tirta Empul是由Tirta Ri Air Hampul所命名的,而后改为Tirta Hampul,最终才变成Tirta Empul。Tirta Riair hampul所指的就是冒出来的水或圣池(Petirthan),即从地下冒出来的水。

3.      在巴厘岛的某些地方。


七脉轮水晶治疗(1Rp 700,000 (USD 56,-)




* Treatment Service Price is Not Include 12.5 % Government Tax Charge

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