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Mt Batur and the Spa

Mount Batur is one of the mountains that are in Bali at the subdistrict Kintamani Bangli Regency. Up to now the mount Batur is an active volcano. The area of Mount Batur tour destinations is the mainstay of Bangli. Some of the tourist attractions are in the vicinity of Mount Batur i.e. Trunyan Village. Surely the activities undertaken by the traveller who wants to visit the Bangli is climb Mount Batur. Mount Batur (Gunung Batur) is 1717 m above sea level can be summited by physically fit hikers in around 2 hours. Many literacy that has been discussed and even many notes adventurers tells how the thrill of climbing Mount Batur. Average ascent of Mount Batur i.e. 2 hours. You can use the services of a guide you already know or you can look it up in the social media of your choices. One is for sure, the ascent of Mount Batur cannot be underestimated. While the ascent takes 2 hours from start point of the ascent, meaning you have to get ready to travel the fair spent the travel time if you are in the area of Nusa Dua or Jimbaran, Kuta.

After you have spent your whole day to climb, now is the time you deserve the treatment yourself. Pamper yourself with a variety of interesting treatment for tiredness after you hike Mount Batur. Check here to see the range of services we have. The Sang Spa have special discounts for those of you who have been book spa services, massage and treatment through the web. So, Plan your ascent to mount Batur and stay in shape with Sang Spa.


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