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Mt Agung and Ubud

We know lately the news is filled with the eruption of a great mountain in Bali. This news comes out since reportedly Mount Agung issued a thick smoke at the end of September 2017 (read on: here) . Mount Agung is the largest mountain in Bali with a total height of 3,031 M, this mountain once erupted in 1963.
Here are something to know related to Mt Agung:

  • The issue of the Mount Agung erupts begins at the end of September 201
  • Mount Agung situated in Karangasem Regency, save zones ranging from 7.5 Km to 9 Km from Mount Agung
  • It means that the area of ​​Bali’s tourism area is Ubud (51 Km), Sanur Beach (61 Km), Tanah Lot (72 Km), and Kuta (75 Km). This area is very far from the dangerous impact of the eruption of Mount Agung (read more: here)

Judging from data and fact data above Ubud is a tourism area that is said to be quite close to Mount Agung. Of course this is becoming a concern for you and planning to visit Bali especially Ubud for a vacation with relatives. With the data and facts above is enough to reduce your worries when visiting Ubud. Ubud is quite safe. Here we show the topics of Ubud and its tourism:

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