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Spa for group in Ubud

Who does not know Bali. You are going for holidays certainly add Bali as your option for your vacation destination area. Bali is indeed still have an attraction for tourists. Indeed, the recent Bali on the other issue of the volcano is still active. But, Bali really isn’t falling for granted owing to natural disasters. Some travelers still rely on Bali as the site of his holiday.

Now in December at the end of the year 2017 will be counting the days. For those of you who celebrate Christmas, we are Sang Spa Wishing you a Merry Christmas and for all of us a Happy New Year 2018.

At Sang Spa, we believe that customer satisfaction is the main point. For you, it certainly won’t miss a moment of the holidays in this month. We help you to define your in Ubud holiday destination into your destination.

You as a “lonely tourist”

  • Usually you are looking for tranquility
  • You want to enjoy what a real holiday is
  • You are ready for all the risk and anticipation obstacles
  • Yoga, meditation and just walking around in the rice fields and surroundings of Ubud will suit to you

You as a “honeymooner” or in relationship.

  • Private vacation into your destination
  • You spoil each other
  • Romantic places in Ubud are your destination
  • Spa, massage treatment and manicure pedicure activities suitable for you

You as a group of tourist especially more than 5 person

  • Your holiday schedule has been planned from your place of stay, the tours you visit, the restaurant as your place to eat until your activities have been arranged
  • If you are kind of person in this category your destination to come to Ubud is to have fun
  • Somewhat rare places in Ubud receiving a group of guests who are sudden. At us, Sang Spa tries to fulfill your request to enjoy Spa services.

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