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Sang Spa Package

Spa activities are identical with women who want to pamper themselves. These women come to various spas with different destinations. The function of the spa was different. Quoted from www., some types of spas according to the International Spa Association are:

  • Destination Spa

Spa treatments are designed for holistic rejuvenation, useful to make the body and mind become more fit. Destination spa also ensures you total relaxation while encouraging to run a healthy diet.

  • Day Spa

Offers a variety of spa treatments are carried out by professional staff available every day. This is a treatment where people can enjoy it every day.

  • Medical Spa

Medical spa provides spa services, but are carried out under the supervision of a licensed medical doctor. This focus on cosmetic treatments, such as laser to remove spots or stains on the skin, the injection of Botox or filler.

  • Health Spa

Basically, health spas focus on maintaining overall health.

  • Resort Spa

A spa located in a resort or hotel. Usually built for added comfort and make the guests or tourists feel at home for long at the hotel.

  • Mineral Springs Spa

As the name suggests, this spa uses natural mineral ingredients. Mineral springs spa rely on thermal or sea water

  • Airport Spa

Aims to provide express care for travelers and passengers before boarding.

Sang Spa is in Day Spa category. Sang Spa provides  high quality service spa & massage. Sang Spa’s intention is to support our client healing body, mind and spirit through blissfully relaxing heart centered spa treatment. Sang Spa will stimulate your five senses by the sound of natural ambience, the touch of massage, the scent of natural herb, oil, and flowers.

Holistic Sang Spa Package is our primary package with 5 hours 30 minutes duration.  This package include: Traditional Balinese Massage , Body Scrub + Mask, Facial Treatment, Hair Cream Bath, Manicure & Pedicure. You will get light lunch and drinks included.

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