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Apa yang Orang Katakan Tentang Kami


We went to Sang Spa 4 out of the 7 days we were in Ubud. I was hooked after the first one! We had the combination massage (Balinese massage + reflexology) and that is just heaven! I remember thinking that it was the most comprehensive massage I've ever had. I do prefer a heavier hand when it comes to massage, and all the therapists I had delivered.

It's a small, local spa so don't expect luxury spa facilities but it's a great value and I found the place quite comfortable and relaxing. We also checked out their new location down the street and while it was not quite finished, is definitely larger and has a more open feel. What Sang Spa seems to be all about is friendly service and AMAZING massages!

“Best massages I’ve ever had”

What a lovely spa - I would have returned daily if I was within walking distance to this spa! Even took a taxi a few times - and they will drop you off after your visit. Lovely ambience here! Highly recommended!


It was really great, though I'm used to have massages frequently, this one was appart,
and the owners, a young dynamic couple, worth to be complimented and supported in their passion for what they're doing. Moreover, the price is so reasonable !
I wanna go again and again next time I go.

“Fantastic experience & services for a good price !”
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