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good karma massage

Good Karma Body Massage

Experience a unique sensation of 4 hands body massage, to synchronise your feminine and masculine energy. A deep balancing of your yin and yang energy.

1 hour & 1,5 hours treatment

IDR. 340.000 / US $25 / Hours

Very Popular
hot stone body massage

Hot Stone Body Massage

Smooth heated stones touches your energy meridians, releasing your tension and stress. Self love and body care in a deep warm healing touch of the stone and the therapist hands. A great choice to pampering your body, mind & spirit.

1,5 hours treatment

IDR. 340.000 / US $25/ hour

Very Popular
bali reflexology massage

Bali Reflexology Massage

Treat your feet with this ultimate tension- tamer. Reflexology may assist strengthened immunity,
improved digestion, as well a shoote headache & fatigue.

1 hours treatment

IDR. 185.000 / US $14/ hour

Very Popular