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Bali Hatha Yoga

It is yoga that was discovered classically using the Balinese style and developed very closely to the full yogic meaning of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Which directs yoga as a holistic lifestyle to achieve a balance of your body, heart, mind and soul. Bali Hatha Yoga was sacredly composed by our founder – Bali Higest Priest specifically for therapeutic purposes. It help you to release the negative energy that give you a negative effect to your body that causes from stress, depression, trauma and past life karma.
Bali Hatha Yoga always begins with mantras, warming up, Bali Suryanamaskar and flowing with the energy that you need during the practice. This is your time to connect deeper into yourself through Bali
Hatha Yoga.

75 minutes yoga

IDR. 120.000/ U$ 8

Very Popular
bali in yoga

Bali Yin Yoga

Through the love of mother earth you will feel a very deep release and connection with yourself. Through the meditative flow of breath you will feel the process of releasing all the trauma and anxiety that you have kept in the joints and your body muscles. During the practices you will surrenders to the gravity and hold your poses minimum 2 minutes.

Together with the flow of sacred mantras and affirmations that will help you reconnect with your whole self. Bali Yin Yoga is very connected with the therapeutic process of the body’s pranic channels which will make you feel refreshed and light after practicing this yoga. 

75 minutes Yoga

IDR. 120.000 / U$ 8

Very Popular

Meditation & Sacred Sound Healing

The busy thoughts that trigger stress at work, past life experiences and a long travel make your body and nerves sore. There is a lot of negative energy exchange in your body, mind & spirit. This energy not only causes physical fatigue but its accumulation can cause an acute anxiety, insomnia and another health problem.
Starting with meditation to prepare your deep relaxation with the sacred sound healing. The deep relaxation will help you may listen to your heart voices that you have never heard of. This is a very valuable opportunity to experience your deep inner connection and feel the true self healing. You will be guided into your healing frequency’s and the yogi will help you channel the energy with your deeper self. Through the Sacred Tibetan Singing Bowl and the holy mantra chanted will make you feel renewed and connected to the light within you.

120 minutes

IDR. 360.000 / U$ 24

Very Popular